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mech wastegate step x step with pics

i bought a compression spring about 2 inches x 1/2 - 5/8 inch wide. a 4 inch eyebolt, 4 washers, 3 nuts to fit one screw, 1 threaded rod nut, and one wingnut and a chunk of sturdy metal. i removed the old wastegate controller and vice gripped it to the chunk of metal and drilled 2 holes and hacksawed some metal out of the way to clear the wategate arm. then wishing i had a vice attemted a 90 degree bend. tighten a nut and bolt to the wastegate arm. attach the 90 degree metal chunk to the turbo, drill a hole in the metal to give yourself a good line of sight with the way the eyebolt will travel. i had to drill three holes and filed some of the threads off the eyebolt so as it goes up or down does not snag on the metal. or rub too much. you can see from the pics how yours should look. but for 3.20 in HOME DEPOT parts. the spring does not have any info on it just the bin # that it was in. it will hit 11 lbs and hold at 4 lbs highway. i did the mod for 2 reasons. i didn't know it but my wife says i smoke black on hard acceleration or starts. after the mod i had her follow me and her words were whatever you did it does not smoke one iota. the other reason was i just swapped out the entire exhaust system, everything. no cat no x-over crap. that was ok but this mech wastegate was the icing on the cake. sweet... one thing i noticed was after loading the camper on i had to back off the nut for the boost level. was spiking upwards tooo high. i'd assume i'll have to adjust it for varying loads like boat or camper or both at the sametime as well as unloaded.

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