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It's been a while! Today I started on the truck's fuel problem. Dropped the tank, disconnected all fuel lines and cleaned them. Ran the fuel pump in a bucket with diesel to make sure there was nothing clogged in the sending unit, still not a drop at the t-valve.. Ended up removing the entire FFM, and did a bench test from the fuel tank with the lines and 12v from a spare battery. For some reason I DO get pressure at the hose to the t-valve now... That means the pump should give plenty of pressure, so I think for some reason the pump doesn't get continuous 12v. I did measure before with the engine running and it did get 12v at the meter so I'm confused.. Maybe some idiot tampered with the wires to the pump sometime and connected them the wrong way? Meaning the wires measure 12v but don't drive the pump? I'm gonna reinstall everything and run the pump directly from the battery, see what happens..
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