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New Holset HX35W shaft play

So I have been slowly working towards my turbo swap. Have already acquired raceday's install kit, and manual wastegate control. I had planned on a CKO turbo but found what I thought was an excellent deal on a true Holset. The Holset was said to be NEW and it does appear to be new, clean as can be and still has sticker over info plate. Has the 14cm exhaust housing with a 7 blade billet compressor wheel. The best part I didn't pay a whole lot more than I would have for a CKO. The issue is I feel it has excessive shaft play for a brand new turbo. That being said this is the only new turbo I have ever messed with so not much to compare it to. It has 0 in and out play which I know is a good thing. But it defiantly has side to side play, it doesn't rub or anything but most defiantly has movement. I read somewhere that once it has oil in it this will go away?? It's stupid cold in Indiana at the time and the install isn't going to happen until it warms up. I was just wondering if I need to try to return this thing or if its normal? I'd hate to have a true Holset that's got more slop than a CKO. I wanted to go Holset for piece of mind, not sure at the moment I have that piece of mind.

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