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Originally Posted by Thijmen156 View Post
I was gonna make a GoPro video. But you're not gonna believe this. I was planning on making the gopro vid today since we got an additional 4" of snow today. Yesterday evening around 8PM doorbell rings. Cops... Someone actually called the cops on me for towing a sled behind my truck with a few mates on a deserted piece of grass in the middle of nowhere.. They also started threatening me to revoke my license if they'd spot me drifting in the snow anywhere... This **** is starting to get old 'Funny' thing is I livee in one of the least crowded areas of my country, if I'd do it in the middle of a city I'd somewhat understand. But come on, I was in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't private property either.
Early evening visit by the po-po...something no one wants!

Normally I'd be on your side about getting hassled about playing in the snow a little...but towing people behind a vehicle is a in any country!

That will be one of those things you look back upon when you get older and go ...yeah...that's something I shouldn't have been doing!
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