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Originally Posted by OkDually View Post
Diesel $2.53
Gasoline $2.19

In my local area
Wow, what a difference haha! Unreal!
So against all odds, we got snow yesterday! And quite a bit for our standards. And I have to admit you all are right, this thing is a beast in the snow! In 2wd itís almost impossible not to slide, yet in 4wd, damn what a grip compared to other cars! This thing just sticks to the road. But when you hit the accelerator good in 4wd this thing drifts like crazy, and pretty easy to control too! Had some crazy fun yesterday haha now letís hope no one called the cops on me. I did notice that my fuel problem is still there tho when drifting, it asks for alot of fuel and if I keep doing donuts it dies down due to lack of fuel.. oh well was gonna drop the tank anyway.

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