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Took the truck out of lockup since my beater winter-car died. The fuel problem seems to be gone! Nevertheless I will clean out the fuel tank/lines in the Spring.
Ordered new brake-discs and pads to solve the 'jerking' while braking. Had the exact same prob on my Chevy Van and new discs solved it. The rotors on these vehicles seem to bend pretty quick.. I also ordered something fun which hopefully will come in next Saturday as well as the rotors and pads.

When all is installed I'm gonna have to start looking for a shop that is able to do a proper alignment, since the truck pulls to the right when driving, and to the left when applying the brakes.

The lift kit might take longer than expected since I'm having difficulties transporting it, and I refuse to pay an additional 1k on taxes and import rights. So I think I will start with some towing mirrors and additional lights instead.
Also unfortunately cracked my right-rear fender, backed up into a pole I couldn't see, so gonna have to fix that too in Spring..

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