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Originally Posted by Bigboytoys View Post
I would skip all the work and just throw the duals on the srw axle, a set of D***e flippy mirrors and roolll.

It'll be a smidge wide!!

The main housings are the same drw to srw but everything backing plate out needs swapping if done correctly, possibly the axles too depending on the next bit cause .... Now be warned that there is 2 different widths of dually, standard dually and can and chassis. C&C has the narrowest tire width.

I'd link Bill Vista's 14b bible but I'm on by itard ATM.

What are you finding for srw 60 front hub prices?
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the rear diffs all have different lengths of tubes/spindles; as per the 14 bolt bible, the vans used a bit deeper hub-end, but its still not enough to allow for the duals, they still contact the spring packs and inner fender-well, i have tried to put duals on our crewcab, which uses the widest version available in SRW; the 19.5 wheels would go onto/over the hub ribbing, but contact the inner and spring pack, if a guy used a 1.5" spacer it would be remotely possible, but id never want to haul anything in the back... the only way i can see the 16" wheels fitting is to remove the drum, and machine off all the cooling fins smooth plus extra materials....


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