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Originally Posted by Rambos_Ride View Post
Originally Posted by Thijmen156 View Post
I'm in a bit of a financial struggle lately so unfortunately not able to do a lot. Yesterday the stuttering came back also. Gonna test my lift pump asap.
Also the truck is gonna go in lockup tomorrow since they started using salt on the roads. Will probably stay in the lockup until the end of February, then finally the big mods are gonna come [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.dieselplace.com//forum/images/smilies/bigglasses.gif[/IMG]
1 more season of salt aint gonna do anymore damage than already done - besides if that things a 4x4 its more fun in the snow!

I drove CJ5 jeeps for 30+ years...the absolute funnest road vehicle in the snow ever! But these Big Old Chevys are snow eating machines in 4x4 mode go have some fun!
Haha I feel you man, but I don?t think we?re getting any snow this year.. And if we get any it?s only a few inches at most. On top of that my country is full of people that feel the need to be bitching against one another, so if I go snowing with the thing I probably won?t even last 10 minutes before cops show up because some asshole called them (this literally happened last year when I took my Chevy Van snowing on an empty parking lot). On top of that I pay a rediculous sum of ?230 (to be raised to ?255 in 2018) (around $280) a MONTH in road taxes. Hate my country and it?s people haha! So yeah I really need these few months to save some cash to be able to get the lift installed before spring. Bought an old beater which I could always take snowing, that is if we get any haha
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