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1994- the lift pump relies on the OPS to power up the lift pump.
Change out your OPS and install the OPS relay mod listed in the FAQ section

You mentioned checking the sock filter. You also mentioned it was new.
When you replaced the tank sock did you install AC/Delco #TS 1012??
If not, you will need to replace that sock with the AC/Delco.
Aftermarket tank socks will not work in a 6.5L and will cause fuel restrictions.
When you open your fuel cap do you hear a large "Whoosh" sound?
If so then you need to modify the fuel cap for better venting.

As MrMarty51 mentioned, also try another "Known Working" PMD w/ resistor installed.

Go through all of your grounds.
Install a clear line on the return side of the IP to help look for air in fuel gremlins
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