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6.5L non-turbo w/ DB2 - how to remove throttle shaft?

So I'm folloing the tech manual for rebuilds on this pump to remove and replace the o-rings (but in chassis...)

The pump manual doesn't show the throttle shaft w/ the position sensor pin in place (looks solid, not a roll pin).

I'm trying to remove that before I go any further but can't seem to make it budge (I don't want to wack it as I'm afraid of bending the shaft or harming the housing of the pump).

Any idea how that pin comes out?

For clarification, this is the pin on the end of the throttle shaft which interfaces with the black plastic throttle position sensor that mounts to the outside of the FIP.

Many thanks!


1997 Chevy P30 6.5L N.A. "Y" VIN w/ 4L80E & 4.10 Rear - Grumman/Olson Step-Van Body
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