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Tech 2 or MDI???

Hey guys

I know awhile ago we got into a discussion about chinese tech 2's in the Frankenstein forum. Thought id start a dedicated thread...

Myself and another member are bith interested in the tech 2 and mdi. Iv been reading steady for 2 days and im still not clear on this.

From what iv gathered the tech 2 with tis2000 is only good up too 2006. For anything newer you need a MDI.

Now do you need a subscription to use a mdi? Or only when you want to acually program a modual?

With a mdi, you can run tech2win and use it as if its a tech 2?

What im looking at specifically is to be able to manipulate moduals on a LMM truck. Be able to swap moduals or reprogram them to work together... Reprogram radios...clusters.... Ect.....

2nd part of my question is original vs chinese versions. Please dont come on here and just say chinese is junk... Please explain your experience...

Thanks guys, Skippie

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