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New cp3 no start, not filter housing

Just replaced cp3 on my 2004 lb7, only desided to change since truck just hit 300k and that is the only part in fuel system i havent replaced yet ( thinking id change it before i had issues) surprising it was the original pump! I have everything back together and truck will not start. Not holding prime. I have checked every connection and there is no signs of leaks. I have pumped and cranked 6 times now. Nothing! With ignition key on the air dog makes primer rock hard, once i turn key off i lose prime fairly quick. No visible leaks. Tried spraying a little starting fluid in intake, still nothing

I have read many threads with same symptoms, but ends up being filter head or leak in lines somewhere. I have zero fuel leaking. So far i have bypassed filter head and disconnected return line at firewall to confirm cp3 is pumping/no clogs. 1/2 tank of fresh fuel aswell. Any further ideas?

I would suspect it to be an electrical issue due to not firing when starting fluid was used, except im losing prime..

Truck has edge cts, k&n intake, 5" straight pipe

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