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Dual Alternators

Just wanted to share my dual alternator project is finally complete and wanted to share how I did it.
I have planned on doing this project for almost 2 years and I finally felt confident that I had the proper solution for the needed support bracket for the additional alternator. There are a few kits out there but they seem to be pretty pricey, so I took a different approach upon an idea from a friend of mine to use the old style Chevy alternator bracket that many of us are so familiar with.
I sourced most of the parts through Amazon and the auto parts store. You will also need some grade nuts and bolts which are 10mm - n - 1.5 thread, sorry but I did of keep track of the lengths, however I would suggest removing the current bolts from the alternator and idler pulleys for a point of reference.

From Amazon....
-ACDelco PT1383 GM Original Equipment 2-Way Female Alternator Pigtail $22
-Spectre Performance 42263 Alternator Bracket Kit $12
-Set of 3 ACDelco 15-40526 GM Original Equipment Drive Belt Idler Pulley $18

From AutoZone...
-Duralast Serpentine 1370K6 (They offer a listing for a dual alternator part in the lookup) $31

I made a video showing how: https://youtu.be/fqA06j5dKX4
Comments and ideas are always welcome.
Good Luck!

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