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Originally Posted by davester View Post
where are you getting that the OEM TPMS system is unstable? The primary issue I've read about it is that, depending on the GM dealer, you may or may not be able to get the lower limits set as low as you may want.
I guess unstable may have been a poor word choice. Question I have is why so many cons to the OEM TPMS. Is it high failures, false alarms or what? Does the OEM TPMS systems monitor high and low pressure or just low pressure? If I follow through and have TPMS added to my 3500HD will I be setting myself for issues in the future?

In regards to the aftermarket alarm limits I recall that my TST 507 manual stepped me through the actual value needed based on cold tire pressure. They had me set the high and low limits to a specific percentage of the normal pressure.
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