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Well new to here but not to forums. I've been pulling 5th wheels for several years now and just upgraded to a 2016 3500HD Duramax. The truck is amazing however my ignorance is now going to show. My 2500 had TPMS and I honestly thought something was wrong when I couldn't find tire pressures on my new 3500. I talked to the salesman and kinda shamed him into admitting that he didn't advise me that the TPMS was deleted on my truck. That being said he just called me last week and get the go ahead to install the sensors and reprogram my DIC to accept TPMS free of charge. After reading many post, both pro and con, I'm seriously considering canceling the TPMS installation and just add more TST 507 sensors for my truck tires. I know this aftermarket system well and trust it with my 12,000lb 5th wheel. I honestly thought I was shorted on my new purchase but am now thinking the OEM will not provide me the same protection that I know I'll get with the TST 507 system. My other concern is after they install and activate the OEM TPMS in my new truck then it will become a nonstandard headache.

All this being said is the OEM TPMS really unstable and just going to end up being a real problem in the future??
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