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Yes, they have, but they are stuck talking with their ditributor who says they "will contact Nitto" and that whole process each time takes 3-4 days. And the response that the tire dealer gets is from what I can tell, a quote from the written policy. I spoke with Nitto directly and they even quoted all the same policies. Which are total crap. Why would a manu with proof from the non-installing dealer (and a GMC dealer) limit the exchange of tires to only two tire at a time when I have three bad tires.

Also, now i am going to end up with 3 new tires and 1 tire at 14/32nds, 2 32nds warn more than all the rest. And my truck is pulling in the front now because of this.

Am I supposed to get it aligned to compensate for the worn front right tire?
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