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Originally Posted by YoungGunDiesel2 View Post
Hey all, I tried to use google and the search function here but I cannot seem to just get a clear picture showing me where the lift pump relay is so I can jump it with a peice of wire so I can prime my truck and see if it's at least working.

Long story short I bought a 1994 k3500 Crew cab dually with 207k Miles on it. But hey, can't go wrong for 500$.

The reason why it was so cheap was cause the truck started to misfire on one of the cylinders and then the owner let it sit since 2004...yes sadly for 12 years it has sat. Now he sold it to me but it doesn't even run anymore. Cranks over but doesn't even attempt to run and doesn't get fuel to cylinders. How do I know this?

Well I don't, it's just a assumption based on the fact when it's cranking there's absolutely no smoke from the tail pipe at all. So I'm assuming there's no fuel getting to the cylinders.

The last owner said it's cause the fuel lines under the intake between the injection pump and fuel bowl where leaking and cracked.

Well it's at my house now and I removed the intake manifold and I can tell there was small leaks from the fuel lines and from the bottom of the fuel bowl but no lines where broken completely.

Now I plan to put all new lines back on and Google a fuel bowl rebuild kit (need the little o-ring in the side and the big o-ring on the bottom) and put it all back together but once it's back to tether I will need to know exactly where the fuel pump relay is so I can prime the truck without cranking it for a half hour. Now I know my 1997 had the relay in the drivers side fuse box and was simple enough. I also know that the relay for the 1994 is somewhere on the passenger firewall but I'm not sure exactly what to be looking at. So to sum up my very lengthy story. Simple question is does anyone have a photo pointing it out for me? Thank you in advanced.

P.s any input on my overall dilemma is appreciated.

P.s.s I hope it isn't the injection pump, cause all the lines had diesel in them when I removed them, so some fuel HAD to have made it to the cylinders but hey didn't.

Welcome to the forum

Here is the link to properly jump your lift pump for your 94'

The 1994+ Model Year lift pump should deliver fuel with a minimum volume of at least 0.24 liter (1/2 pint) in 15 seconds and pressure of 3 psi minimum

Also, go through all of your grounds using this link for reference


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