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Tim, unlike most of the responses to your post, I don't look at this as a political problem as much as I do a military problem. Acknowledging that your veterans are killing themselves off is bad for business. In other words, how easy to recruit new blood is it if they learn or know there's a good chance they are going to want to kill themselves? I know the VA has finally started to acknowledge and work with veterans with PTSD, but obviously they aren't doing enough. If this is because of lack of funding, then yes, it is a political issue, but in order to obtain that funding, the VA needs the support of the American public to make the politicians respond - and to my knowledge the VA isn't doing that, and I strongly suspect it's for the reason I mentioned above.

So that leaves it up to the American people to make this an issue that the politicians, the armed services and the media can't ignore. And that was the purpose of my post. The American public should be up in arms about this especially now during an election year, yet we don't see any mention of it from the candidates or the news media when they interview them. There are hot button topics like immigration reform, the economy and foreign policy, and IMHO, the media should be making this one of those issues. If the media made as big an issue about this as they would a mall shooting killing 22 people, the public would raise hell, forcing both the candidates and the VA to at least attempt to fix the problem instead of quietly sweeping it under the rug.
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