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22 People Killed at Mall

OK, I've intentionally misled you, but imagine if something this happened every day. The press would be all over it, and politicians would be devising bills to nullify it (while trying to make themselves look good).

The truth is though, every day, an average of 22 veterans commit suicide. That's right, every day. So why isn't the news all over this? Oh, periodically you may here a snippit here or there about "the high rate of suicides among veterans", but come on, 22 a day?

There is an organization named 22 kill (Google 22Kill.com and you'll find it) who doing what they can to A) bring this to the public's attention and B) find ways to help veterans. Part of their fund raising is selling plain black rings. These rings, to be worn on the trigger finger, are their effort to bring this message to public light. Prices run as cheap as $6.22 up to $144 for engraved versions. I have found that wearing one on my trigger finger is a great conversation starter to make people aware of this overlooked issue.

BTW: They also have T shirts and hats, but people see people wearing so many different shirts and hats, they often pay them no attention, where as relatively large black ring worn on a finger not normally adorned with rings tends to stand out more.

So while I intentionally misled you, this is a message I feel needs far more attention than it is getting. Nor do I feel it's a veteran's issue - it should be everyone's issue. These are people who volunteered to put their life in harms way so that the rest of us can have the freedom many take for granted.

Carry on.

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