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T76 .81A/R to .96A/R turbine housing

I have looked around from time to time, looking for a larger turbine housing for my T76 atmospheric turbo. If I did find one they were really expensive or I couldn't be sure from the poor description that it would actually fit my turbo.
Now there are a bunch of .96A/R housing for P-trim T76 turbochargers on evilbay.
I wanted to go bigger than 1A/R but it will take the less than 1A/R housing if it will do what I want.
Problem is the T76 does most of the work. If I am riding along making say 10 pounds of boost the T76 is making 6psi feeding into the HE351VE, then the HE351VE is bumping that 6psi up to 10psi.
I would like the T76 to be a lazy oversized atmospheric turbo that builds 30 to 40% of the boost pressure. I also get the feeling the .81A/R housing is a bit of an unnecessary choke point.
I know most people don't want the turbo charger to be over sized and laggy but that is kind of what I am going for.
How much lazier would the larger .96A/R housing make the T76?

1986 GMC Suburban C2500
Compound Turbocharged with HE351VE and T76, Intercooled, P&P GM#162 heads, 506 block, C-code injector pump, J-code intake manifold, Pennsular diesel upper plenum.
Banksturbo and HMMWV manifolds, custom cross over, 3'' stainless down pipe and 4'' straight pipe exhaust. TH700x, 10.5FF, w/disc brake, 3.21 gears, ARB air locker.
Aluminum 2 core radiator, Electric radiator fans (16''+16''), Meziere electric water pump (55gpm), HD '92+ 6.5L water crossover, grill shutters, Air2oil cooler, 16 core trans cooler, 2 block heaters, two G183 intake heaters, 60G plugs, 3500w coolant heater. ISSPRO tach.
On top of 32'' Load range E mich highway tires.
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