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Black / ground / negative / - should go to the engine.

From what I have seen our OEM cables could be bigger.

I get along fine using the side posts, but I do the battery bolt / Allen screw mod and still use dual post batteries in the biggest cranking amps I can get.

You can try using jumper cables, but the wire has to be as big or bigger than the wire in your cables. Don't look at the size of the outside coating, that means nothing. Many jumper cables are sold with over sized insulation to make them look bigger.

I never really figured out how to diagnose an ignition switch. It was usually the result of eliminating a bunch of other stuff. After I had to replace a few ignition switches at around 200,000 miles.

I got faster at deciding to parts swap instead of doing more diagnosing. I still did a fair amount of diagnostics, but from previous experience I thought of changing the ignition switch more as preventive maintenance and wasn't scared if it did not cure my issue. Every time I changed the ignition switch it cured my issue and the pints were arced when I took them apart.

Bad thing about parts swapping without diagnostics, is if you get a bad new part, you can be really scratching your head

I would only use a GM or AC Delco ignition switch.

I never had an issue with the double gang battery connections after doing the Allen screw / battery bolt mod.

Use only crimp on / solder on battery connectors - top post or side post. DO NOT use the cheesy clamps with the 2 - 1/4" bolts clamping the wires / cables to the terminal end
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