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Make double sure you have the brace on the front of the starter. You can break a block at the hit of the key, if you do not have the brace.

You can somewhat circumvent the ignition switch by running a push button from the little wire on the starter to 12 volt - I would use an inline fuse at the source if you do this.

Start as JMJ said. Good batteries and cables are a must, If it has been starting good on one battery, I would give the cables a double check

In one of the posts someone suggested using jumper cables to check the starter. How does that work?

I would not mess with this - it's to tight of quarters to get the jumper cables on the big starter lug. To easy to short something out.

If the starter needs checking after you get the cables and battery situations straightened out, then I would drop the starter and check it out

I have had to replace the ignition switch on all of my vehicles except the 1994's.
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