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Hi guy I'm brand new to the forum. I just bought a 93 Chevy 6.2 ext. cab and I'm having a problem with it. Here goes. The old owner put a jasper reman engine,transmission and front diff 10k ago. I believe him cuz I found the warranty paperwork inside the truck. It sat in his driveway for 2 years not running. My father in law bought the truck got it running and sold it to me. He can't remember what he did to get it running. Well I bought it 3 days ago and it ran like a top. I put fuel in it then later that day it started to act funny. It would bog under load or even the slightest of hills, when it did this it was blowing blue smoke and when i took my foot off the pedal it would die. The filter light was on so I drained the filter from the water valve into a pickle jar and got about 1/2 of red rusty water so I replaced the filter bled the system and it ran good for about 2 miles then it happened about 7 more times before I got home (12miles) each time it was harder to restart. When I finally got it home I left it idling and opened the water valve, no fuel no thing came out. This morning I go out start the truck open the valve and could have filled a gallon jug if I wanted to. No water just clean pure diesel. I'm thinking my electric lift pump is done for I bought a new one today but havnt installed it yst . Please give advice this is my only vehicle now and I have to get it going, oh plus I live in the mountains so this whole bogging on a slight hill thing ain't gonna cut it. Thanks in advance.

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