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Odd issue..

1999 gmc suburban heavy half, 6.5 200k kms on it, 4x4

Not really sure how to diagnose, but i think its my lift pump, so im just gonna start from the begining of my troubles. Had weeping fuel lines, and replaced them, but in diagnosing the lines i ran the lift pump of lubrication (got a code) dont remember the code, but it said somthing about fuel pump lubrication, kept sucking air, after the lines were replaced every time id bump the key into run mode id hear the pump under the drivers door sounding a little like a clicking sound, but itd fire up and idle for an hour if needed.

I moved to a new shop today and loaded the burban full of shelving and tools and set forth to the new shop, got down the street and it died when i turned on the radio. Now every time i bump the key i get minimal pressure out of the fuel filter valve, and no clicking under the drivers door, which leads me to believe the LP went on me. No biggie if it did, but i dont want to go chasing an issue that im not 100% on the cause of said issue. Im new to diesels, and unsure where to start with diagnosing.

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