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The 6.5L FAQ's... The Master List of Information and 6.5 Answers

Here is a compiled listing of the most popular 6.5L topics discussed here at DieselPlace.com. This is to help you speedily find your answers, without having to wait for a reply to your question. We love to answer questions, and enjoy gathering around the computer to help others out. We’ve all been there. This forum is a living library of information.

Click on the solid underlined word of any topic of interest and it will hyperlink you to the area in the forum where the information was first posted.

If you don’t find a topic listed, feel free to do a search. You may have to do an individual word or a phrase search, as with any search engine you may need to be creative in describing what you are looking for, don't give up if the first search you type comes back with nothing found. There is an entire forum search, and you can search within a forum sub group, author, subject or date. It may be worth your while to read all FAQ topics first so you can inject common phrases to work with on your searches.

Best way to use this thread:
Hit Control + F and depending on your browser, a "Find" box should appear. Type in a main word (example: injector) and hit enter or next. This will search the thread and highlight every time the word "injector" comes up. Or, you can just browse around the thread and find what you need. Everything is in alphabetical order.

Building the FAQ library - If you see a topic that you want to add or think should be added, please paste a link in a PM to a staff member. Or, click the Report Button () - include a blurb in the report indicating you would like to submit the thread for inclusion in the FAQ.

Latest updates posted - September 2019.

Thanks and enjoy!
The Diesel Place Staff

FAQ Contents
A Through E Click Here

F Through H Click Here

I Through O Click Here

P Through S Click Here

T Through Z Click Here

*** 6.5 NEWBIES *** Click Here

1992-1993 C/K Truck Reference Information Contains Student Handbook and TSBs Click Here

1994-1999 C/K Truck Manuals Click Here

OBDI & OBDII Code Summaries and Diagnostic Manuals: Click Here

Parts List: Click Here

Do It Yourself (DIY) Articles: Click Here

Technical Services Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams - Search for TSBs and Wiring Diagrams for all model year trucks Click Here

Rolling Coal and the 6.5L: Click Here

6.5 Diesel Photo Thread: Click Here

FAQ: Purchasing 6.5L Diesel: Click Here

6.5L Diagnostic Check List Click Here

Fun Threads
Other Topics

Look here-> GM 6.5 Reference Material & FAQ's <-Look here

Diagnostic Links & Common Failures: Turbo System * Lift Pump/OPS * PMD * Stalling

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