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Because the 6.2 requires premium fuel. Fleet owners don't want a vehicle that requires premium fuel, as do most pickup truck consumers.
If the vehicle has the 6.2L V8 engine
(VIN Code J), use premium
unleaded gasoline with a posted
octane rating of 91 or higher.
Regular unleaded gasoline rated at
87 octane or higher can be used,
but acceleration could be reduced,
and an audible knocking noise may
be heard. If the octane is less than
87, a heavy knocking noise may be
heard. If this occurs, use a gasoline
rated at 87 octane or higher as soon
as possible. Otherwise, the engine
could be damaged. If heavy
knocking is heard when using
gasoline with a higher octane rating,
the engine needs service.
From the owner's manual.

And don't kid yourself, today's 6.0 is not the same in performance as an '01.

Having a '00 6.0 2500, '05 1500 and a 2500, '09 2500 and a 3500DRW, an '11, '12 & '13 3500SRW, and 2 '15 2500s in the fleet, I think I can make that assertment.

Throw a tune on a 6.0 and you'll have a real runner, but, just as with the 6.2, you'll need to run premium gas.

I do agree that there is a need for a mid range engine choice, but, the 6.0 is not the same 6.slo.

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