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Why no 6.2 in 2500-3500??????????

Hi guys
First off I owned a 03 Duramax and put 200,000 miles on it using it for work hauling tools and lumber.Work situation changed and I didnt really need a big truck..Then it blew a head gasket and I said adios to diesels and got a new 1/2 ton gasser in 08 Nowdays I'm using my 2011 1/2 ton gasser pulling a 6x14 enclosed cargo trailer with a loaded total weight of 3200 lbs. I also have 3 tool boxes on the truck weing about 400 lbs The 1/2 ton works but it just dont have enough ***.
I want to get a new 2500 but cant bring myself back to a diesel . Too much money and way more motor than I need. The 6.0 is a dog.
I need that 6.2 in a 2500.
I'm sure I'm not the lone ranger here either.
Im sure this has been hashed over and over but it make no sense to me other than GM would rather sell diesels in the H.D. trucks to make more profit per truck sold.
I would consider a 1/2ton with the 6.2 but isn't it only available in the high country? 50 g for a half ton don't fly in my book . especially for a truck for work
I dont need or want a diesel but could use the extra beef of a 2500
But that 6 liter is virtually unchanged from the one that I had in 2001. I dont really care about mpg either gas is cheap.
Will they ever put the 6.2 in 2500/3500????

03 Chev 2500HD LT Ex cab longbed DMAX/ALLY (gone)

Traded in on 2007 NBS 1/2 ton Silverado LTZ Z-71 Ext.cab longbed 5.3 gas Black on Black 2''Level kit in front 2'' lift in rear 275/70/18 Michelin LTX AT-2 on 18x9 Liqiud Metal Rhino wheels
Access Roll up cover, Luverne Stainless Steel Running Boards ,Nasta Stainless Steel bed rails, chrome handles and mirrors (WORK TRUCK)

2011 Silverado LT 4x4 1/2 ton Ext.Cab Short bed
5.3 gas 6speed Laser Blue Metallic Factory 20's Luverne Stainless Steel Running Boards and mudflaps Bedrug Access rollup cover lots of chrome (PLAY TRUCK)

06 Polaris Fusion 900 (119 mph on radar 1-13-08)

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