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04.5 lly build

I have a couple of question on my lly build had a hole in number 8pistion and chewed up the head cylinder but bore was fine after a little honing. My question is that I bought some heads and the number is 704-1 and from what I'm seein they are lmm heads correct me if I'm wrong. I know they will work but ever one is saying the oring on the injector needs to be a little bigger but I only have one o ring and it seals to the lower valve cover (which are lly) or am I missing one? Also I am wonder bout the glow plugs. Will the factory lly plugs plugs fit the heads and not stick to far in the chamber? And it's a lly bottom end

04 3500 lly zf6 short shift erg delete air dog gutted cat basic efi

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