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Glow Plug Circuit Problem

I am new to posting on this site. I have been reading the posts for some time now and have found them to be very helpful. Right now I have a glow plug issue. I replaced injectors and glow plugs in June of this year and have not had any problems until last week. I went out to crank my truck and the batteries were dead. After searching the different forums online I checked the amperage draw to my glow plug controller. Sure enough the controller was stuck. I removed the controller and opened it up. The glow plug relay was welded closed. Upon further inspection the glow plug connecting strap was burned in two. I replaced the glow plug relay module and the glow plug strap. After getting everything back together I turned the key to check the system and the glow plug strap started smoking. The relay is OK, but the new strap is shot. Would a bad glow plug cause this? It is burning just in front of the #8 plug. Could a bad plug have caused the relay to overdraw current and weld shut? Just trying to figure out what caused the original problem... any ideas on what the next step should be?


2002 Duramax ext cab 2wd - all stock
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