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Dead Diesel,
Not sure if its calcium as Id think calcium would be brittle crusty break apart this is like soft plastic or semi hard toffee. It has the colour of white silicon if i was asked to replicate it Id take toffee and lay it n the fuel bowl on a 90 degree day and it would melt into place and id coo it down to 60 degrees then peel it out semi hard. Any Bio fuel or sugar in the tank knowledge around here? I say sugar cause it is like toffee and almost white. it could be Bio fuel residue also as this truck ran bio fuel last year but gave me no problems for a year of running regular fuel and changing out the filter and draining off water every few months. This issue appears to be new since I replaced the tank. Did that in late september and drove 5 to 6k since then no issues.

Any ideas on how to clean the tube that runs from base of fuel bowl to T Valve at front of engine that is used to drain water off fuel bowl. The T valve does not work fuel wont come out I assume that white stuff filled the intitial hole that runs from base of bowl to T valve. Ca I run a wire down the T valve right back to the bowl? What is best wire size if yes? Is there a solvent I can run through?

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