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I replace lift pump today when I found that toffee crap. I ran bio fuel in it a year ago and had no problems and this all started after I put in new tank. I did not have the system flushed. Bio fuel sludge is more like thick fat or peanut butter this is like hard plastic that is plyable when warm. How would I clean that drain line nothing is coming out. I suspect its plugged as the toffee crap was filled up over inlet in bowl. Can I run a wire down the tube when engine warm? I will place a new strainer in it tomorrow. Sendor? you mean unit in tank....no. Just a fresh tank.

For me it does not look like micro or bugs its too plastic like almost like a polymer base plastic. Im expert so maybe wrong but when I worked in military and saw some old diesel tanks with huge microbs growing they were like sludge no hard plastic thats white.

As for the strain off some fuel I dont do it every month but normally ever season spring and fall and winter. I did it awhile ago and drained off fuel no water or crap just fine. Changed filter and next time I did it was this week and it did not work and then found that crap when I changed up the filter. The filter had about 10k on it max last time I used bio fuel was 2 years ago and drained the system and changed filters since then.


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