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98 GMC 6.5L TD hard start miss at idle and stumble but no stall

Hi all,
Been trouble shooting a hard to start missing stumbling truck. It feels like water in the fuel but there is not. Ran the usual fault checks thought it was lift pump as I replaced the tank a few weeks ago and thought maybe some crap got in pump after that and replaced it no change. Did the usual first thing replace the fuel filter....had a little wax like stuff at very bottom looked in bowl saw nothing but white base fuel was clear. Ran the fuel anti gel cleaner stuff in a fresh half tank still an issue. decided to pull the filter and replace it with another new one cause when I changed it it did not seat well so swaped it out for new one. Looked into bowl a little better this time and saw a strange white substance in bottom of bowl. I was hard to get out had to pry it up with srew driver it was like semi hard toffee. Check out the photo. It is 1/2 inch thick formed the shape of the bottom of the fuel bowl. was hard to pry out and came out like it was stuck taffy half hard toffee. Cant figure out photo insert.

I replaced tank could it be a rust liner is on new tanks? Could it be sugar in tank? How do I clean tube from base of fuel bowl to T valve at front of engine to drain fuel. That tube is plugged as t valve wont drain anything and should pump fuel out when running. How do I post a photo?


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