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Originally Posted by 69GTO2 View Post
After hearing several horror stories was able to change all 8 no problems in just under 2 hrs. #2 was hardest due to intercooler tube. With u joint and half deep well socket was no need for removing steering shaft or ic hot tube although some concern on not being inline perpendicular figured I couldn't put much torque with a short handle 1/4" drive ratchet. I changed cold figuring aluminum expands more than the steel making fit tighter. Sprayed pb let engine warm up. Sprayed again. Let cool over night to wick in. Removing wheel wells seems to take the most time although much better than in sub zero degrees and snow packed with gelled filter and the o ring gasket from hell. Now to find some frozen fasteners on something to try the acetone trans fluid on. Thx all.
right on dude, i've also heard of guys getting the engine up to temp and spraying with pb blaster and then putting ice cubes or dry ice on the tip of the plug to make it contract and give room between treads to get the PB in there, no idea if it helps but the theory makes sence

2006 Chevy LBZ
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just bought truck 11/14 upgrades are coming as the cash gets in the bank account!
Working in a Gm dealership as diesel specialist , and no i don't half *** anything to make flat rate. its always done right and clean.
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