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I changed my #4 glow plug today

A few days ago when I went to start my truck, glow plug light wouldn't turn off right away. Check engine light stayed on as well. I knew from past experience that it was time for another glow plug replacement.

I know I should've changed them all right from the get go, but I didn't. Plugged in the code reader and it confirmed. P0674 is what I got.

#4 is on the driver side right behind the steering shaft. 8mm is used to take off the nut, and 12mm is used to take out the glow plug.

Glow plug would not loosen. Tried and tried for about 45 minutes. Sprayed WD40 a few times ... to no avail. Did some research and found some people used PB blaster. Time to go to the auto parts store. On the way, I called my local shop to see how much they would charge to replace the glow plug in case I couldn't get it out. $100:jaw drop:

After getting the PB blaster, I got home and sprayed the glow plug and waited for about 5 minutes. Tried it again, nothing. Sprayed some more and waited another 5 minutes. Tried it again and it broke loose.

Now, I ask myself "how in the hell am I going to get it out? The steering shaft is in the direct line of the glow plug." Well, unscrew it and try to angle it as much as I can ... sure enough, barely cleared the steering shaft. I applied some anti-seize to the new one and was able to put it in. All done and it really wasn't that bad at all.

I'm so happy that I was able to do it myself without having to resort to taking it into the shop.

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