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Originally Posted by Diaric View Post
Your truck is mechanical, nothing changes the timing except the inside of the injection pump.

What your saying happened, should never be able to happen.
Forgetting about the cold advance solenoid, Rich?

To the OP:

There are two solenoids on the IP, one is a high-idle which presses on the 'throttle' plate and the other adjusts the IP internally for more advance.

Depending on how your timing is set currently, more advance could mean it feels like it has more power, or less. There is a switch in one of the heads (I believe passenger side rear?) that controls both the high idle and cold advance, it should have 12v hot on one side of the switch and thus it provides 12v to these solenoids when the motor is cool.

Could be that you're unplugging these as well when you unplug the glow controller?
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Trios is right.
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x2 Trios is right lol

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