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82 6.2 Controller Question

I unhooked the controller when my glow plug relay wasn't working(installed manual switch)
Has been running fine. I was checking the high idle solenoid out today. Couldn't get power to it. I though maybe the controller did something for it? So I hooked the controller back up. Still same.
NOW the question I need help with.FORGET THE high idle for now.
I left the controller hooked up, went and rode it. It seems weaker in power than before(not saying it is a power house by any means). So I unhooked it. The power came back. What if I leave it unplugged. What does that hurt? Or does it really need to be hooked up? Like I said before, the controller quit operating the glow plug relay.
I wasn't sure if it helped control timing or really "shorting out" something that doesn't need to be because it is bad.
I am new to the diesel engine, that is why I am asking questions as i go along.

1982 GMC Jimmy 6.2 4WD Automatic 700R4 3.08
Running 31 10.5 15
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