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Saltwater man 06-26-2019 12:19 AM

5th wheel towing
I know this has probably been covered, but being technically challenged, here goes. I have 2019 Chevy 2500, 4wd, longbed LTZ and Iím starting to shop for a 5er and I would like to hear from some of you what is the heaviest trailer this truck will handle comfortably. I donít want to get into white knuckle towing, Iíve done that and donít have any urge to do it again.
While on the subject of trailers, I wonít ask what the best brands are, but what brands would you absolutely not buy?

walleyerod 06-26-2019 08:36 AM

I tow an Arctic Fox fifth wheel that weighs around 14,000 loaded and hardly know it's back there. Also, many times each summer, tow an 18 ft boat behind the fifth wheel. Absolutely no problems, tows like a dream. So easy, the wife will even drive (as log as we're not going through any towns!). I'm sure we're pushing limit and capacity of the vehicle but these trucks are designed to work like this, and the newer ones are even better! Bottom line, love the arctic fox and my truck tows the train like a dream, easy!!

MTU alum 06-26-2019 09:15 AM

Your truck will probably weigh close to 8800 to 8900 lbs with passengers and gear. Subtract that number from the GCW on your door and that should give you an idea on allowable weight. Just be careful not to exceed RGAWR. Some toy haulers have really high pin weights that can put you over RGAWR. I talked to editor at trailer world last week, he did not have nice things to say about Keystone.

OkDually 06-26-2019 09:48 AM

Thread relocated over to "Towing"


RINGNEKS 06-26-2019 08:38 PM

I donít think youíll have a white knuckle experience with that truck but I could be wrong. We bought a jayco north point, we looked at rvís a long time and narrowed ours down to jayco and grand design solitude, both in my opinion are very close in quality, I would always expect issues with a new rv as they crank them out as fast as they can. Weíve been happy with ours and I know a fellow dp member with a solitude and last I heard heís been happy with his, in my opinion the Montanaís are not top of the line anymore, just my opinion. As far as towing my truck does fine with mine and I most always tow doubles. Good luck on your search.

D.Camilleri 06-28-2019 11:50 PM

And I am the one that bought a Solitude, I tow with a 3500, but really the difference is only rear springs, tires and the sticker on the door. If you buy a 5th wheel with a GVW of around 15,000 it is hard to stay totally legal. The truck will tow fine, but legal is done on a scale. Example: My truck weighs as follows: 5600 front axle, 4000 rear axle with just me and my normal stuff, a 60 gallon fuel tank and 5500 watt onan quiet diesel generator and 5th wheel hitch. Hooked up to the Solitude loaded, rear axle is between 7000 and 7500, front axle 5600, trailer axles 10,500. Interesting point, rear axle on truck is 500 lbs heavier without fresh water in the 5er, due to the fact that the water tank sits behind the rear axle of the 5er and takes weight off of the pin. I found this out by accident in January when I had to take a trip to CA and found out that my fresh water drain didn't close all the way and let the water drain out. Based on my numbers above, I am over weight, my truck has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,600, based on my front and rear axles combined, I am at 12,600 to 13,100 on the gross vehicle weight of my truck. Am I worried? Nope, I am withing my tire ratings and the truck drives fine. If needed, I can loose 7-800 lbs easily between the generator and my extra fuel.
With a 2500 truck, your GVW is probably around 10,000, so you have less of a margin. Limit your 5th wheel choices based on pin weight to start and then scale your truck and combo axle by axle.

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