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rmoore0852 04-25-2019 09:34 PM

Forgot 4hi, did I damage it?
Well, I may have messed up. I had to park off road in a slippery field, so switched to 4hi. When leaving several hours later, I was not paying attention and left it in 4hi. Drove all the way home. 25 miles at 70 mph. No tight corners, so I didn't realize it until I got home and went to pull into the driveway. Making the tight turn I felt it bind and realized what I had done.

Now the question. It seems to shift in and out of 4wd fine. No funny noises, no warning lights. How can I check that everything is still working the way it should? I don't need 4wd often, but when I do I tend to be out in the middle of nowhere or on a very slippery boat ramp. Did I luck out and not tear anything up or am I going to use 4wd at some point and then realize that it isn't right? Surely others have done this, what breaks and is it easy to know if I messed something up??

johnH123 04-25-2019 09:47 PM

I wouldn't worry about it.

davester 04-26-2019 12:39 AM

You felt it binding when turning, so it still is working.

Driving around in 4wd is bad for the system because of that binding, which happens both when turning, and if the front tires are a slightly different diameter than the rears.

There are two ways for that binding to "release"
a) one of the tires skids a bit.
b) something fails catastrophically.

You are still on tires skidding a bit.

So, your tires have worn a bit, and there's a bit more wear on the transfer case and the front diff, but your 4wd system is still working fine.

Rvn4me 04-26-2019 09:35 AM

Might find something in one of these. If not there’s hundreds more.

D_R_C 04-26-2019 11:24 PM

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Iíve forgotten mine several times towing, the last time I had went about 50 miles, and noticed when I pulled in a McDonnalds for lunch, when turning the front tires was digging into the freshly laid asphalt.
After that I wired in a small amber led light that illuminates only when Iím in 4 wheel drive low and high.
That little light on the knob, is pretty much useless unless itís dark and hard to see unless your looking down.
Your not the first and wonít be the last, as mentioned above you should be ok.

Joey D 04-28-2019 12:08 AM

Iíve done it at least once in every 4x4 truck Iíve ever owned, never an issue.

rmoore0852 04-28-2019 08:39 PM

Thanks everyone.

LETHAL WEAPON 04-30-2019 12:41 PM

And what is GM reasoning for not having a 4wd indicator in the dash cluster to let you know you're in 4hi or 4lo like in the older trucks.......and please don't tell me it's about "COST"

D_R_C 04-30-2019 06:55 PM

But Iím pretty sure itís about cutting cost. :huh:
The GM engineers feels that little tiny light on the knob near your left knee that can only be seen in the dark is all you really need.
My 79 K20 lights up on the dash. :thumb:

ROADNOTCA 05-01-2019 08:09 PM

Copy what was said above. Change the transfer case oil & drag a magnet through it. Check for equal pressure in front tires. Check, check......OK!

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