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GEMaffair 09-23-2016 05:09 PM

Nitto Tires - Don't buy them - horrible experience
So last April I buy a brand new set of the Terra Grapplers for my 2011 Duramax. They get installed and suddenly I have a vibration. I take them back and they rotate and balance again and it gets better but doesn't go away. As I drive it gets worse again after 200 miles.

I take them back to Sams Club where I get free balancing, they balance and "spin match" the tires to the rims. IT is better, but gets worse again after a few hundred miles.

Now I take them back to the tire shop. The insist the vibration is not related to the tires because you can put the truck in neutral (at 50-60-70mph) and the vibration lessons or goes away. Makes sense, so then I leave town for 90 days and when I come back I take it to the dealer. The tell me the tires are bad and give me some report with charts and graphs called "Road Force" that shows the tires are bad.

Back to the guy who sold them to me who says no problem, I will warranty them up. 3 of the 4 tires are almost DOUBLE the alotted road pressure.

I call Nitto and they tell me that I have to pay for the tread I used if it is over 1/32nds of use. WTF ?

You sell me crap tires and I spend hours and hours of my time chasing the problem and days without my truck (8 now and counting) and you want to prorate the crap tires you sold me?

IT gets worse....

I get the three new tires, I pay $110 in proration fees and I have the EXACT SAME VIBRATION.

So back to the GMC dealer - pay another $35, do without my truck for another day, dealer tells me that 2 of the 3 tires replace are bad. 1 of them is 55lb of road force and 15lbs is the max.

NOW what, I wait another week to go through the warrany process?

This is absolutely ridiculous

Nitto acts like this is all fine.
Like doing without my truck is normal.
And proration fees should be ok when you sell me crap tires.

NEVER again. This company sucks.

GEMaffair 09-27-2016 01:13 PM

Several days later and Nitto is still trying to figure out what to do. Positively ridiculous if you ask me.

IdahoSteve 09-27-2016 02:12 PM

Just curious, has the tire shop you bought them from offering any assistance for you in this matter to put pressure on Nitto??? :think:

GEMaffair 09-27-2016 02:17 PM


Yes, they have, but they are stuck talking with their ditributor who says they "will contact Nitto" and that whole process each time takes 3-4 days. And the response that the tire dealer gets is from what I can tell, a quote from the written policy. I spoke with Nitto directly and they even quoted all the same policies. Which are total crap. Why would a manu with proof from the non-installing dealer (and a GMC dealer) limit the exchange of tires to only two tire at a time when I have three bad tires.

Also, now i am going to end up with 3 new tires and 1 tire at 14/32nds, 2 32nds warn more than all the rest. And my truck is pulling in the front now because of this.

Am I supposed to get it aligned to compensate for the worn front right tire?

heymccall 09-27-2016 04:55 PM

Yes, your experience with them sucks. As for the tread depth difference, put the worn tire on the driver's rear. When you rotate in 5k miles, it will now match the right rear.

Personally, I'd have the tire seller buy back all 4, and reimburse for the road force costs. But, then again, I buy $3-8k worth of tires a year, and my tire sellers have road force balance machines.

GEMaffair 09-28-2016 10:34 AM

I am asking Nitto to pay for previous road force charges plus give me back the proration fees plus pay the dealer (gmc dealer) to put the replacement tires on AND road force test them and asking them to replace the front right worn one as well.

I have a 2011 with 44k miles on it. This is first set of tires for this truck. I normally go to Sam's Clu and buy BFGs and put them on the truck with no worries or problems. I have done that on the last several trucks (Florida and Alaska) and never had a problem.

I wanted to try something new - and boy is this new and uncomfortable.

I am hoping for an answer today from them.

GEMaffair 10-11-2016 05:08 PM

So 13 days ago I was hopeful that this mess would be cleaned up by Nitto. Disappointed again. Here is what has transpired.


Nitto is waiting on paperwork from the distributor to confirm the "proration amount" I was charged.

Nitto is waiting on paperwork from the installing dealer on what I was charged for the labor to uninstall and reinstall the second set of tires.

Nitto is trying to figure out how to pay the GMC dealer for putting new tires on my truck because the GMC dealer has a policy of not releasing a vehicle until it is paid for.

Meanwhile, I am riding around town with a serious vibration in the rear of my truck because I am on the second set of bad tires brand new out of the box.

FOLKS don't buy Nitto - if there is any problem, you have a BIG BIG problem where you get to waste hours and hours convincing them to do the right thing.

Horrible experience to say the least.

dozerboy 10-13-2016 08:18 AM

To me the problem is just as much where you got the tire as Nitto. They should be doing more for you then they are.

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Tom S. 10-13-2016 09:05 AM

Blaming Nitto for waiting for paperwork they have no control over acquiring is a bit of a stretch. Blaming them for the tires is one thing - they have control over that. Blaming them for something they have no control over is wrong.

testdrive 10-13-2016 02:43 PM

in todays world paperwork can travel at the speed of light if both parties want it to.

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