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Part Index - listing of parts and part number see this thread

PCM (Powertrain Control Module) - The computer behind your glove box - monitors and controls all aspects of 6.5 electronic fuel injection and 4L80E transmission shifting.
Pictures of things - Photo thread.

PMD - Pump Mounted Driver aka Fuel Solenoid Driver (FSD), Known trouble spot in the 6.5 electronic fuel injection system.
PMD - Resistor PMD Extension Harness - This is necessary if you want to remote mount your PMD out of the engine bay. Making your own is easy if you are careful. But whether to crimp or solder, that's an ongoing question.PMD - Savanna/Express Van How to get to the IP Mounted PMD Here

Power - We all probably want more power. There are a few options to improve power in your truck. If you don't see anything in this thread try a search, there are many things people have done to their trucks.Power Steering Fluid Flush - How to flush the power steering and hydro boost Click Here

Purchasing a 6.5 Diesel - Things to consider and How to purchase one.
  • 6.5L Buying Checklist: Here.



Rear Axle Seal - How to repair leaking seals when there are gouges in the hub Here and Here

Rear End (G80) Lubricant Information GM TSB information on G80 rear end lubricant Here

Recall Information - There are many recalls out there, here are some info on them:
Resistor - PMD - See PMD Resistor

RPO codes - options that came with your vehicle. See glove box for sticker. These are three digit codes like: G80, L65, L56, etc.
Repair Manual - Military Repair Manual. This will download as an Adobe.pdf file Click Here

Runaway - Sudden acceleration without using the throttle pedal.____________


Scan Tool: Tech2 is the GM Scan tool. It is very expensive to purchase though. There are other available software for the PC completely that emulates Tech2 functionality at a very reasonable price. For information about these programs see below:
  • '94-'95 OBD1 will need the GMTDScan Tech PC software and cable from ENGH Motors. How to make an interface cable
    Click Here or Click Here
  • GMTDScan Tech Issues:
    (a) Cant Install? Try installing In Windows Admin Mode Click Here
    (b) Cant Connect to PCM Click Here
  • '96-'00 OBD2 will need the Car Code, AutoEnginuity PC software and cable or AUTEL® MaxiDAS®, available on the net, all three service GM.
  • All 3 are very user-friendly, does everything the TECH2 does for engine and transmission test and control. All three connect to the USB port on a laptop computer.
  • Snap On MT2500 can be used for OBDII but there are some limitations: Click Here
How to set TDCO, go to: TDC Offset (Top Dead Center Offset)

Security System Relearn - Go to Theft Deterrent Learn

Serpentine Belt:
SES - see MIL

Sheared Cam Key - For more information about this Click Here.

Snorkel - Is the plastic intake inside of the passenger side fender, for more info Click Here.

Speedometer Calibration - Click Here for a mod to calibrate your speedometer if you are running a different gear ratio or larger sized tires.

Stalling - Common problem with the DS4 electronic injection pump system. Do a search for PMD's, lift pumps, OPS, etc. This problem may be electrical or in the fuel supply system. Thread to check out. To properly diagnose your stalling, use diagnostic checklist to pin point cause, no need to replace expensive parts that may not fix the problem.

Stanadyne Specs for IPs - Listing of Stanadyne Specs found Click here.

  • Intermittent No Crank - How To Diagnose Click Here
  • How To Repair Starter to Block Bolt Holes Click Here

Starter Bracket - Mounts on the front of the starter and the block. Essential for supporting the starter.
  • Part #9 In This Diagram Click Here
  • Parts List Click Here P/N for the gear reduction bracket is 23502557, P/N for the direct drive bracket is 14028931

Steaksauce - see A1, search "Steaksauce" to find info on this scammer.

Steering Stabalizer - Installation steps Here.

Stumbling - momentary loss of power, Check out See this thread Sometimes called fishbiting.
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