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Diagnostic Checklist version 2.0 [10-2009]

The following is a check list of items. A listing for diagnostics, and checkout of common failing items that should be checked for troubleshooting, and before purchasing a vehicle.
When posting, give us the results of the questions below. Links are provided for more clear information (blue underlined text). The more information we have, the more accurate the diagnosis.

Proper troubleshooting and diagnostics
PLEASE, do not just begin reading the forum, and think that just because everyone else had "this failure" I must too. Take the time to properly diagnose before changing parts. If you would like to familiarize yourself with many of the different common issues that are found with the 6.5, read up on the FAQ's.

A word to the wise: If you are a guest reading through the forum, please register and login. Start a thread with the issues you are having and we may help you to verify the issues root cause. If you do not complete a proper diagnosis then you may be spending money on parts you do not need. Please post all of the completed diagnostic steps, rather than just the symptoms without checking. Many of these failures have multiple causes.

Failing to do your homework on the item, and parts changing will create a situation where you have too many variables and may become more difficult to diagnose. Giving advice to someone to just change a part because "it worked for me" without outlining that there should be some diagnostics done does nothing but confound the situation.

This forum is filled with knowledgeable people who dedicate their time to helping to pinpoint the issue. There is a wealth of knowledge housed here within the FAQ's, Search Function ,and the Diagnostic checklist . Use them to the fullest.

Feel free to copy and paste this to the Check List as you begin on the issues you are having. For organizational purposes, please create a new for your vehicle so you don't interrupt someone elseís thread. It just becomes too confusing for all those involved. Please donít forget to specify exactly what the vehicle is doing.

So to summarize. Do your homework below COMPLETELY. Don't just take for granted something is okay, because it isn't always. Register if you are a guest, and post to verify diagnosis before purchasing parts.

The Diagnostic Checklist:
Please fill out to best of your knowledge.

1. Describe the problem you are having in detail:

2. Year of truck/engine.
3. Odometer reading (indicate miles or kilometers).
4. Indicate the model number on the Injection pump (starts DS4 or DB2......).
5. Indicate if you know if itís a 1500, 2500, 2500HD, 3500, 3500HD.
6. Do you have an EGR on the engine? (An F or an S engine code 8th VIN digit)
7. Air Filter condition (visual check).
8. Fuel filter condition (freshly changed, mileage since changed).
9. Location of PMD/FSD? (ex. on pump/remote over intake, behind bumper).
9a. If remote mounted, describe wiring harness (homemade or purchased from which vendor).
9b. Indicate the location and condition of the FSD/IP grounding wire.
10. Outside Temperature (C or F). _____ į

11. Service Engine Light while running?- on/off/intermittent
11a. Service Engine light does glow during start/cranking/bulb check: Yes/No
12.Have you scanned for engine codes? Yes/No
12a. List exact results on engine codes.

13. Condition of Battery terminals (removed, cleaned and tightened).
14. Known condition and age of Batteries.
14a. Are batteries a matched set of same age?
15. Condition of Major Grounds (removed, cleaned and tightened)
15a Have the batteries been individually load tested?

16. Does engine crank, or "turn over"?
16a. Does engine start and run?
17. If engine does not start- Crack injector line: do you have fuel? Yes/No
18. Does your Wait To Start light come on?
18a.Number of seconds WTS light is lit.
19. Engine Cranking speed (if you have an accurate tachometer).

20. Are you experiencing Stalling?
20a. Describe the event (upon startup only, down the road, hit a bump, etc...)
20b. Do you notice loss of dash or instruments?
21. Check turbo inlet and air filter for obstructions.
22. In a no-hot start, pour a bottle of room-temp water on the injection pump. Does it start now?
23. Lift pump test - Describe results.

24. Upon cold start, does the radiator hose get hard quickly? Yes/No
25. Upon cold start, do you have excessive white smoke? Yes/No
26. Do you have excessive cranking time before the engine starts? Yes/No
27. Have you used the block heater? Does it affect engine starting? (only try for starting problems).
28. Are all glow plugs in proper working order?

29. During hard acceleration, do you have excessive black smoke? Yes/No
30. Do you have any unusual exhaust smoke issues?
31. Turbo check out - Pass/Fail
32. Indicate fuel that you are using: Bio-Diesel, #2 Diesel, SVO/WVO, other
32a. If running Veggie Oil fuel setup, indicate details of your conversion (homemade or packaged system).
33. Are you using any fuel additives? If so, please list.
34. Upon unscrewing fuel cap, do you have a large vacuum formed in the tank? Yes/No
35. Do you have any service history available that might pertain to the problem you are having?
36. Please indicate any modifications to the vehicle that might help us diagnose better.

Look here-> GM 6.5 Reference Material & FAQ's <-Look here

Diagnostic Links & Common Failures: Turbo System * Lift Pump/OPS * PMD * Stalling

įPlease include your vehicle details in your signature line. Did you read the FAQ's and search before posting?
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