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Originally Posted by JCDiesel View Post
Were posting duallys now? This was a diesel so maybe still has the boost? I could strip my c10 which its about time. And I have that extra transmission if my dually was running now id be tempted to scrap out my c10 but that blue paint has gotta go. This is close to me about 30 minutes.

1984 Chevy C30 Dually, crew cab

Those graphics are hideous but nothing a can of Krylon wouldn't fix up in short order
Originally Posted by Diaric View Post
What your saying happened, should never be able to happen.
Originally Posted by smackzed View Post
I put a chevrolet tailgate on my last truck and it started acting like a girl...love me, need me, want me pay attention to me. Took it off and put the GMC back on (fixed the latch) and it went back to being the same old dirty bastard it used to be
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Do yourself a favor and read the 6.2 Diesel Student Training Manual ... lots of good info...it's in PDF format located here >> PDF Manuals
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