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Great writeup! Should be a sticker on the sunvisor!
My only question revolves around these 2*500 watts. Assuming you run a 90 amp alternator the max watts available in the system ought to be 12*90=1080. Allocate 200-250W to the various lights, another 200W? to the vent fan. Liftpump less than 50W, highbeams 120W, Stereo 150W... These consumers alone are around 800W. Add a bit for charging the batteries and you should be fine. Sure the batteries can also kick in to provide power at peak demands but not for everyday driving. So how can this PMD be that powerful?
I know you wrote "rated at 500W" which doesn't give away the actual watts running, but in other posts around this and other forums it's more like 500 actual watts.
Thanks for a good writeup!
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