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Originally Posted by Shane65 View Post
Excellent writeup and a candidate for a sticky. To make the harness longer can I cut the wires 2" from the plug and add the length of wire I need by soldering the connections wrapping with high voltage mylar tape and use shrink tubing to cover each connection?
That works for me for almost 2 years, so I'd say, yes, you can. The cooler is mounted to the clamp on the drivers side fender and has a small 12V fan on it to keep it cooler.

Leave the plastic cover sitting above the EGR valve off to lower temps there. It will help the pump and the FSD, if still mounted on the pump.

You can also remove the insulation under the hood to generally lower underhood-temps. I don't know how much difference it makes, but since I removed it, I can see water evaporating from the upper side of the hood when it becomes wet from the rain, so there's evidently quite some amount of heat dissipating through the hood now. The hood is much dryer now

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