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VipeRTBlck 03-19-2019 09:06 PM

2016 regen smoke
had truck since new, has 13000 on it now; noticed smoke during the regen today on a hard accel. never noticed smoke before. question is, while trucks are in regen, is a haze/smoke from the tail pipe during accel a normal condition? called dealer and they said ya it can be. no CEL or dash lights are on.

BanksLB7Duramax 03-19-2019 11:55 PM

Do a search, very common. My truck will pour white smoke so thick I can’t see the cars behind me.

gmc502 03-20-2019 09:02 AM

yup,its normal,,saw it from my truck do it on the highway.freaked for a bit,then next time it happened,I'm like,,this has to be normal.:D

JBear 03-20-2019 07:45 PM

And when people behind you have to slam on the brakes because they suddenly can't see where they're driving anymore and get SO pissed about it that they follow you to your next stop to chew you out for "how ****ty your truck runs", and how "you're destroying the environment", just try to keep a straight face while attempting to explain to them that our government has determined that they were temporarily engulfed in an opaque cloud of god-knows-what because that makes it run cleaner...

BanksLB7Duramax 03-20-2019 10:46 PM

LOL! Exactly! I can’t wait to be pulled over by an officer telling me that my emissions system has been tampered with and then proving to them that my truck is stock and operating as required by the EPA!!

LBZjunkie 03-20-2019 11:05 PM

And don't forget that burning this chemical that came from a non recyclable plastic bottled boxed in a carboard box!

D_R_C 03-21-2019 07:48 PM

This makes sense during a regen with the additional fuel added to burn off.
Deleted mine does the samething after mild city driving for a while then getting on a freeway and merging in.

Ted White 03-22-2019 12:53 AM

When the 9th injector was first added to inject fuel during regens, clouds of white smoke were the symptoms of a faulty injector. If the spray from the injector is uneven, with too many large fuel droplets, white smoke is produced. So, although a lot of folks are saying it is normal, I can't help wondering whether the 9th injectors are ageing and becoming problematic.

BanksLB7Duramax 03-22-2019 01:12 AM

Mines done it since new. I’ve brought it up to several different techs and they all say it’s normal and I regularly see it on trucks both old and new on the street.

Ted White 03-22-2019 01:17 AM

Strange. My LML never smoked during regen, and my L5P never smokes either.

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