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vstech 03-08-2016 11:47 AM

replacing leaking fuel hose and find this...
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ok. the truck was PISSING fuel... entire undercarriage is coated all the way to the drums... (ya think there might be an issue?)

anyway mechanic calls me to work on it, because he don't do diesel... and I pull the hoses, and FFM and low and behold I find this...

vstech 03-08-2016 11:48 AM

only the hoses were leaking, once I installed fresh hoses, there was no fuel leaking under pressure.

I'm guessing this is the fuel heater, and those exposed wires are a bad thing...:hehe:

HeavyChevy95 03-08-2016 12:12 PM

Correct... Faulty fuel heater and/or short circuits are known to disable glowplug and fuel (lift) pump systems in the process.

Unplug the defective fuel heater until you can afford to replace it.

For a few dollars more.. Often much easier to R&R the entire FFM housing for what it cost to R&R the fuel heater alone.. IIRC, recently saw complete 'drop in' ACDelco units posted for $120.00 or there abouts.

JMJNet 03-08-2016 12:13 PM

You can put heatshrink on the wires if there is no hole where the wires came out.

When I replaced the whole FFM, I put a wire loom on all the wires.
It looks more exposed than what I want to so hopefully the looms help with reducing the chance of melting wires.

I also put a dab of RTV where the wires come out just for prevention and protect that holes.

vstech 03-08-2016 12:32 PM

I was thinking of squirting in some liquid electrical tape as a stopgap measure if the owner doesn't want to replace the FFM... it looks new to me. very clean and no corrosion on it, unlike the entire rest of the truck...

JMJNet 03-08-2016 01:02 PM

Make sure the liquid tape can withstand the temp.

I will still put some other protection in addition to the liquid tape.

I take it this is not your truck, though.

HeavyChevy95 03-08-2016 01:27 PM

That fuel heater appears to be constructed like a new one. OEM units often had a metal base with a rubber gromet protecting the wires where they exited the housing.. could of been replaced recently. :confuzeld

If the fuel heater is leaking fuel from the area where the electrical wires exit the heater body, its not just a malfunction, its actually busted (cracked somewhere) and should be replaced asap to avoid further driveability complaints stemming from potential fuel/air leaks.

JMJNet 03-08-2016 02:20 PM

I agree, my replacement looks like this as opposed to the old one.

That is why I put a whole bunch of reinforcement in earlier post.
My FFM is also raised to reduce the heat from the engine valley.

vstech 03-08-2016 02:46 PM

yeah, this one looks nothing like my spares or other truck's ffm's...

like I said, it's NOT leaking at all, and the aluminum body is TOTALLY clean. zero corrosion. I'm going to suggest replacement, but expect him to reject it as it's just been replaced I bet. if the liquid tape isn't heat capable, I'll see about RTV or cut the wires, and install heat shrink on the uncovered wiring.

JMJNet 03-08-2016 02:52 PM

I got the feeling that those wires were rubbing into hot metal parts.

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