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tigman 11-03-2006 12:19 AM

heated fuel injection lines
Hi , everybody i will try to explan my complete setup

First i found most attractive the idea of heating the fuel after the Injection Pump because the max operating temperature of the Injection pump is 175F-180F(recomanded by the guy who rebuild them at my location ) but the WVO viscosity need to be around 210F-230F to be the same as the diesel

Second , magnetic field are used in europe to increase the mph up to 20% the seller say Super FuelMax but the governement test result show 8% increase . but even if i dont save on fuel it reduce the emission . Good goal for me):h

Third , When i heat diesel bubbles apears when i reach over 150F and i dont want that to happend.
But i found that if the diesel is spray at high temp in the combustion chamers the atomisation is better and the emission is reduce at the same time.


I use Pulse Shield copper wirer 20Gauge diameter
Fiber glass varnish
Isolation tape
Aluminium Tape
2 Temperature cut-off 212F and 250 F
60Foot of 18G wire
2 relay 4 poles
2 toggle switchs
75 tie wrap

To come 2 LED light in dash to monitor the on/off of the cut-off switch.

I begin by cleaning the IP lines to the metal ,
Then i paint them with car paint ! coat of primer and 2 coat of red , left over in my gun .
Settle for 8 hrs or more
Then i locate the section on each line to install the wire. After some math i figure 115 turn (or 64) of wire for each circuit plus 2 inch at each end for the connections.
Secure them at each end with electric tape until i cover them with resine
NOTE : Each wire need to be turn in the same direction clockwise or opposite but all of them the same way

The resine step : first single coat of resine only
Next coat all the wires with fiberglass/resine
And 2 coat of resine only
Drying periode 2-24hrs depend of the hardener/varnish mix

When everithing is dry paint everything with car paint 2 coat

Next Isolation step :

I use isolation for the unknown application but it mention 4X better than the pink fiberglass isolation and it is pre-glue tape

Cover everything withe aluminium tape 2 wide pre-glue

Wire everything to the relay-switch-fuse-batt
Done in 6hrs of work spread over 4 days periode.


Electrical draw


wiring exemplehttp://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2.../lignes031.jpg

with the fiberglass resine painted red


finaly the isolation step


the original setup


and after


all wire up and ready to go


sorry for the long post but it take what it take to cover it all:grd:


tigman 11-03-2006 12:33 AM

Now for the WVO .

How to build a cheapo HIH with 5/16 alu for the wvo inside a 3/4 prestone hose


and my heated bottom WVO reservoir build by me (no condensation buildup in it )

and finaly all the controls, i know too much hose but i still devellop my setup and i currently test it with innovation):h http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2...ihpompe029.jpg


murphyslaw 11-20-2006 01:53 AM

would heated IP lines be benificial for regular Diesel, in cold climate?

tigman 11-20-2006 05:54 PM

IMHO , yes but only at Lo range at Hi i dont feel any difference at all because it's too hot maybe):h


murphyslaw 11-21-2006 12:57 AM

so say 200? would be a sweet spot. I have thought about runnin the feed line to the ip threw a section of heater hose like u have, but figured it would be bad for the pump. so when I saw this It CLICKED.

tigman 11-21-2006 12:58 PM

A setup for diesel before the IP is ok in cold weather if you reach 140F max (over that temp air formation in the fuel is possible) and insolate the lines with good insulators.


murphyslaw 11-21-2006 02:29 PM

ok cool, thanks for the info. I look forward to testin this out.

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