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Originally Posted by smackzed View Post
Put everything back together and go to fire it up so i can go drive it and I just get a click. I've started it 3 or 4 times today without it running much so I put the charger on it. Left for the day with it on trickle charge. Charge up the batteries, both 12.6v and.... nothing, not even a click. All the interior lights work, radio works, headlights, glowplugs etc....

the only thing I can sort of think of is that I had the injector return lines off again and there was some fuel that was dripped in the general area of the starter solenoid. Could i have shorted the solenoid? Or just shorted the switch wire...or too much use fried the fusible link? I hate this stupid POS
I had a bunch of diesel and coolant spill out onto the starter and had the same thing happen. Pulled the starter yesterday and the wires looked like this so have to grab some fusible link to put on there. hopefully that is the end of the problem.
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