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Recently got the pleasure of this task for myself after reading about it for years.

1) Remove the small injection line retainer screw.

2) Remove the injection line nuts from offending cylinder and cylinder that shares injection line couple from the injectors.

3) Remove injector return lines from offending cylinder's injector.

4) Remove the injector from the cylinder.

5) Observe swollen glow plug tip (feel in there with your finger and also you can see it with a light).

6) Unscrew the plug as far as it will unscrew.

7) Take a piece of napkin/shop towel and shove it in the injector hole inside of the precup so that it is underneath the glowplug and plugs the precup opening's hole into the cylinder.

8) Take a pair of pliers and grab the body of the loose glow plug and bend the glow plug forcefully (you're trying to bend this like you would a piece of wire until it breaks off).

9) After glow plug body breaks off of it's tip, push the glow plug tip inside the precup chamber with a screw driver or piece of wire via the glow plug hole.

10) Retrieve loose glow plug tip from the precup injector opening with a slender pair of needle nose pliers.

11) Retrieve your piece of paper towel from the cylinder.

12) Vaccum out the precup if you have fragments.

13) Blow out the injector hole opening and glow plug openings to remove sut, install injector and glow plug.

14) Re-install return lines and injector lines and injector line retaining screw.

That's it.
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