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Since 2007, I have made an average of 4 round trips a year between Chicago & Southern California. Each trip I have
pulled a 24' enclosed tag trailer with a vehicle inside. I never bother to fuel up before leaving as the price per gallon is
usually incentive to fuel in the Davenport, IA area. After that I buy fuel in Central Colorado, and Las Vegas, NV. When
fueled up there is 85 gallon on board. I usually set the cruise on 70-72 MPH and let it run. I do slow down to what ever
the traffic flow is in California. The CHP will usually allow you to cheat the %%MPH as long as you do not cause problems
with the traffic. Except for Illinois, the rest of the states will let you run 70-75. Illinois gas a 55 limit, that will go to 70
as soon as our governor figures out how to use a ball point pen to sign the law.

The last trip was only to Phoenix, AZ.
Average speed: 62.3,
MPG: 13.4,
Driving time: 29 Hrs.

Usually it is a solo trip. I pack sandwiches, and cold beverages in a cooler between the seats. I have a bunk in the trailer
and plan to spend every other night in a motel. There were 2 drivers, and we alternated 3 hour shifts. We always got
out of the truck for lunch and usually went for a brief walk to stretch our legs. We drove 900+ miles a day.

The only problem was the weigh stations in Nebraska. They want all pickups pulling trailers to stop & weigh. They will
enforce this. We found out for sure. Next time the trailer will be labeled with "PRIVATE TRAILER" & GVW <10000 signs.
The officer was nice & did nit make us go back to be weighed of issue a ticket. The second scale we stopped for. we were
there maybe 5 minutes, and were on our way.
2008 2500HD EC, Stock, Transfer 50 gal. bed mount

This one is gone. Back to a gasser

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